- American Tour 1966

American Tour 1966

American Tour 1966

Key Facts

Associated album: Aftermath
Start date: 24 June 1966
End date: 28 July 1966
Legs: 1
No. of shows: 32

Tour Dates

24/06/1966 Lynn, Massachutsetts, Manning Bowl
25/06/1966 Cleveland, Ohio, Arena
25/06/1966 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Civic Center Arena
26/06/1966 Washington, D.C., Coliseum
26/06/1966 Baltimore, Maryland, Civic Center
27/06/1966 Hartford, Connecticut, Dillon Stadium
28/06/1966 Buffalo, New York, War Memorial Auditorium
29/06/1966 Toronto, Canada, Maple Leaf Gardens
30/06/1966 Montreal, Canada, Forum
01/07/1966 Atlantic City, New Jersey, Marine Ballroom
02/07/1966 New York City, Forest Hills Tennis Stadiums, 'Music Festival’
03/07/1966 Asbury Park, New Jersey, Asbury Park Convention Hall
04/07/1966 Virginia Beach, Virginia, Under The Dome Theater
06/07/1966 Syracuse, New York, War Memorial Hall
08/07/1966 Detroit, Michigan, Cobo Hall
09/07/1966 Indianapolis, Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum
10/07/1966 Chicago, Illinois, Arie Crown Theatre, McCormick Place
11/07/1966 Houston, Texas, Sam Houston Coliseum
12/07/1966 St. Louis, Missouri, Kiel Convention Hall
14/07/1966 Winnipeg, Canada, Stadium
15/07/1966 Omaha, Nebraska, Civic Auditorium
19/07/1966 Vancouver, Canada, Pacific International Exhibition Forum
20/07/1966 Seattle, Washington, Center Coliseum
21/07/1966 Portland, Oregon, Memorial Coliseum
22/07/1966 Sacramento, California, Memorial Auditorium (2 shows)
23/07/1966 Salt Lake City, Utah, Davis County Lagoon
24/07/1966 Bakersfield, California, Civic Auditorium (2 shows)
25/07/1966 Los Angeles, California, Hollywood Bowl
26/07/1966 San Francisco, California, Cow Palace
28/07/1966 Honolulu, Hawaii, Honolulu International Center

Touring Band

Mick Jagger - lead vocals, harmonica
Keith Richards - guitar, vocals
Brian Jones - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Bill Wyman - bass guitar, vocals
Charlie Watts - drums, percussion

Supporting Acts

Sorry, no supporting act information is available for this tour at the present time.

Upcoming shows

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Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Ronnie Wood
Charlie Watts