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Almost Hear You Sigh

Almost Hear You Sigh

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Song Info

B-side: Break the Spell
Format: CD, 7
Released: January 1990 (US), June 1990 (UK)
Recorded: August 1987 - May 1988, March-June 1989
Genre: Rock
Length: 4:37
Label: Rolling Stones
Writer: Jagger/Richards and Steve Jordan
Producer: Chris Kimsey, The Glimmer Twins


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Song Notes

Rollingtimes Opinion

Very good power ballad, and nice classical guitar from Keith.


Lead Vocals: Mick Jagger
Electric Guitars: Keith Richards, Ron Wood
Acoustic Guitar: Keith Richards
Bass: Bill Wyman
Drums: Charlie Watts
Keyboards: Chuck Leavell & Matt Clifford
Brass: The Kick Horns
Percussion: Luis Jardim
Background Vocals: Mick Jagger, Ron Wood, Keith Richards, Sarah Dash, Lisa Fischer, Bernard Fowler

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