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Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger

Key Facts

Date of birth: 26 July 1943
Place of birth: Dartford, Kent, England
Instruments: Harmonica, vocals, guitar, piano, bass guitar, percussion, kayboards
With the Stones: 1961-present

With the Rolling Stones

Originally, Mick, Keith and Dick Taylor had formed a band named Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. They met Brian Jones, Charlie Watts and Ian Stewart when they saw them playing in Alexis Korner's band, Blues Incorporated. Jagger first came together with the Rolling Stones when Ian Stewart and Brian Jones found a practice space for their new band.

Mick performed the Rolling Stones's first gig on 12 July 1962 as the lead vocalist at the Marquee Club in London. By the autumn of 1963, he had left LSE in favour of his new career path with The Rolling Stones. Mick's own musical talent was truly utilised when he and Keith were encouraged by then-manager Andrew Loog Oldham to write they own songs. On the matter, Mick has this to say: "Keith likes to tell the story about the kitchen, God bless him. I think Andrew may have said something at some point along the lines of 'I should lock you in a room until you've written a song' and in that way he did mentally lock us in a room, but he didn't literally lock us in. One of the first songs we came out with was that tune for George Bean, the very memorable 'It Should Be You'".

In 1967, Mick and Keith were arrested on drugs charges and dealt unusually harsh sentences. Mick was facing three months in prison, however his sentence was amended to a conditional discharge.

Mick took control of the business affairs of The Rolling Stones after they split with Allen Klein, their second manager. He and Keith continued to write tracks and the band continued to release albums as time passed by and guitarists came and left.
In the 1980s, Mick began to break off from the Stones a little and began releasing solo albums - leading to conflict with fellow band member Keith Richards. In 1987 he discovered hard rock band Living Colour at punk club CBGB's in New York City. Despite this, Mick and Keith resolved their problems and the Stones came back in 1989 with Steel Wheels.
Mick has continued to work with the Stones, producing albums and going on tours. In 2007, Mick Jagger and the Stones entered the Guinness World Records for the most lucrative tour, having made $437 million.

Early Life

Mick first met Keith Richards at primary school in Dartford, Kent, although they lost contact with each other when they went to different secondary schools (Mick to Dartford Grammar School). Despite this separation, their friendship rekindled in July 1960 when they met onboard the same train carriage. Keith was impressed with the imported LPs that Mick was carrying, and they got talking about their shared love for rhythm and blues music.

Mick left school in 1961 after obtaining seven O-Levels and three A-Levels, moving on to study at London School Of Economics and Political Science. He lived in a flat in Chelsea with Keith Richards and Brian Jones, who were endeavoring to start their own rhythm and blues band.

Solo Work

When the Stones signed with CBS Records in 1983, the opportunity to produce solo projects was made available to each of them. Mick jumped upon the chance, and released his first solo album, She's The Boss, in 1985, recording for which began in May 1984. This led to increased friction between Mick and Keith Richards, leading to a public scandal which would not be resolved until the release of the Stones's next studio album (Steel Wheels) in 1989.

She's The Boss was very successful, going to #6 in the UK and #13 in the US. This inspired Jagger to go on to produce several more solo albums over the years: Primitive Cool in 1987, Wandering Spirit in 1993 and Goddess in the Doorway in 2001.

Personal Life

Mick Jagger has been married twice, and has seven children by four women. One of his daughters, Georgia Jagger, is in the same class at school as one of his granddaughters, Assisi Jagger.

He is also an avid cricket fan and watches it religiously. In 1997, he founded Jagged Internetworks while purchasing rights to Netcast cricket coverage so he could have cricket coverage of a particular tournament over the internet at any time.

In 2010 Mick was announced to be 7th in the Top 50 Sunday Times Rich List Music Millionaires , where his fortune was estimated at £190 million.

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