Rolling Stones nominated for four NME Awards!

Rolling Stones nominated for four NME Awards!

The Rolling Stones have been nominated for four NME Awards - Best Live Act, Best Book (for the "50" photo-book), Music Moment of the Year (for the "50 and Counting" shows in London) and Best Music Film (for Crossfire Hurricane).

After playing five amazing and lucrative shows for their "50 And Counting" tour in 2012, among the other 50th anniversary celebrations, an award would not go undeserved.

Keith Richards said: "The London shows were a real kick in the pants for us…after being off the road for five years, we were having a ball up there…it was great to play with Bill again, to look round and see the man-mountain there was quite a turn on, and Mick Taylor playing his arse off, it was a real joy to play together again."

Mick Jagger said: "It's very nice to be nominated. When I first heard it was four things, I thought, 'Ooh, blimey! That's very nice!'" And it's not a journalists-only thing, it's not a coterie of closely-knit people choosing. It's funny, because when we were rehearsing at Wembley Arena last year, it was where we used to do the NME Pollwinners. We remembered, it was the first time we ever played 'Jumpin' Jack Flash', at one of those Pollwinners concerts!"

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Ronnie Wood tweeted the picture below of him jamming with Johnny Marr backstage at the awards - will he perform?


Photo by Patrick Todd, taken on 6th July 2013 at Hyde Park, London. Want your photos to appear on the website?


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