The Rolling Stones live at Prudential Center, Newark - 15th December - updates

The Rolling Stones live at Prudential Center, Newark - 15th December - updates brings you updates of the show including guests, setlist and memorable quotes.

Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and The Black Keys will join the band on-stage at some point. The band will also play a mystery song as voted for by fans online and via their official iPhone/Android App.

1. Get Off Of My Cloud
2. The Last Time
3. It's Only Rock n Roll
- Mick shouts out to all the viewers in England and across the world
4. Paint it black
5. Gimme Shelter (with Lady Gaga)
- Mick offers condolences to those suffering from the tragic shooting in Connecticut
6. Wild Horses
7. Goin' Down (with John Mayer and Gary Clark Jr)
9. Who Do You Love? (with The Black Keys)
10. Doom and Gloom
11. One More Shot
12. Miss You
13. Honky Tonk Women
- Mick: "The reason we keep doing it is cause of you!"..."We hope to see you again soon!"
- Keith: "I love you too!"
14. Before They Make Me Run
- Keith: "You guys are great, I might move in!"
15. Happy
16. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)
17. Start Me Up
18. Tumbling Dice (with Bruce Springsteen - vocals and nice guitar solo!)
19. Brown Sugar
20. Sympathy for the Devil

21. You Can't Always Get What You Want (with Trinity Wall Street Choir)
22. Jumpin' Jack Flash
23. Satisfaction

Spotted in the audience - Elvis Costello, Lady Gaga, Chris Rock,


Photo by Patrick Todd, taken on 6th July 2013 at Hyde Park, London. Want your photos to appear on the website?


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