The Rolling Stones at the O2 Arena, London - Live Updates
The Rolling Stones at the O2 Arena, London - Live Updates

The Rolling Stones at the O2 Arena, London - Live Updates

Well, the past month or so has all been building up to this very day. At 8pm tonight, the Rolling Stones will take to the stage for the first time together in 5 years. Stay tuned with for live updates of the Rolling Stones's first gig of their '50 And Counting' mini-tour as they happen.

1. I Wanna Be Your Man
2. Get Off of My Cloud
3. It's All Over Now
4. Paint It, Black
5. Gimme Shelter (with Mary J. Blige)
6. Wild Horses
7. All Down the Line
8. Goin' Down (with Jeff Beck)
9. Out of Control (Mick on harmonica)
10. One More Shot (Keith on backing vocals)
11. Doom and Gloom
12. It's Only Rock n' Roll (with Bill Wyman on bass)
13. Honky Tonk Women (with Bill still on bass - Chuck Leavell piano solo)
- Band Introductions -
14. Before They Make Me Run (Keith Richards on lead vocals)
15. Happy (still Keith, obviously!)
16. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor on lead guitar)
17. Miss You (Darryl Jones bass solo; Bobby Keys saxophone solo)
18. Start Me Up
19. Tumbling Dice
20. Brown Sugar
21. Sympathy for the Devil
- Encore -
22. You Can't Always Get What You Want (with the London Youth Choir)
23. Jumpin' Jack Flash

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- Mick Jagger - "How's everyone in the cheap seats? The problem is they're not so cheap!"
- Mick Jagger - "It's been an amazing journey. It took us fifty years to get from Dartford to Greenwich"
- Mick Jagger after One Last Shot - "That was good, the first time we've ever done that live! A kind of baptism of fire!"
- Keith Richards - "It's great to be here - it's great to be anywhere! Good to be back in town"
- Mick Jagger before Brown Sugar - "Starting to warm up a bit now, starting to feel the heat. How you doing Charlie?"
- Mick Jagger - "You've been a fantastic audience, goodnight!"


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