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Stones in Exile

Stones in Exile

Key Facts

Directed by: Stephen Kijak
Produced by: John Battsek, Mary Carson, George Chignell, Sherry Daly, Mick Jagger, Christine Lowery, Victoria Pearman, Keith Richards, Toby Roebuck, Jane Rose, Andrew Ruhemann, David Saltz, Joyce Smyth, Charlie Watts
Cinematography: Grant Gee
Edited by: Ben Stark
Studio: Passion Pictures
Distributed by: BBC
Released: 23 May 2010
Running time: 61 min

Film Info

Stones In Exile is a documentary following the lives of the Stones as they recorded their famous and probably most popular studio album, Exile On Main Street in the early 70s. Having left Britain for tax reasons, they migrated to the south of France to record, but could not find a suitable studio and hence ended up recording most of the album in the basement of Keith's rented mansion, Nellcote. The hour-long film features footage from Cocksucker Blues and Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones, and interviews with the Stones themselves and others like Jack White, producer Don Was and Martin Scorsese.

Track Listing

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Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Ronnie Wood
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