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Rollingtimes.org was conceived January 2009 by Patrick Todd. The idea was to bring all of the Stones information and news together in one website that fans could refer to as they pleased. Originally, features were confined to just news and a dead community forum. But as time went on, the services offered expanded into a discography, videography and band-member database. A few editorials have been written over the years, which are found in the articles section.

Version 2 of the site, released for only a brief period in Summer 2009

A radical overhaul of the site's look came in April 2010 to accommodate the site's newest features:

In 2012 a tour database was completed. Work then began to provide information on Rolling Stones bootleg database, a major undertaking. At the same time, the layout of the website was once again updated.

Meanwhile, parts of the information databases were still not complete - and there are still gaps to this day. All albums and tours have been added. In late 2012, the layout of the website experienced its most radical change to date. The project, entitled 'Exile' to reflect how far apart the new look was from previous layouts, saw each page of code re-written from scratch to form a more efficient, easy to navigate, search-engine friendly website. The increase in positive user-feedback, and number of users, reflects the achievement that Exile represents.