Rollingtimes - L.A. Friday

L.A. Friday

L.A. Friday (2012)

Album Info

Released: 3 April 2012
Recorded: 13 July 1975
Genre: Rock
Length: 2.4 hrs
Label: Promotone BV
Producer: Bob Clearmountain
"A great 2 hour show."

History and recording

The show was originally recorded at the Forum in Los Angeles, California, on 13th July 1975. After circulating the bootleg scene for many years, it was re-mastered in 2012 by Bob Clearmountain and officially released on the Stones Archive website on 3rd April 2012.

Release and aftermath

The show was released as "LA Friday" to mimic the name given to the show by bootleggers, despite the fact that it was actually recorded on a Sunday.


The cover, as with all other official bootleg releases, encapsulates a tour poster of that time.


Billy Preston - Keyboards
Ronnie Wood - Guitar
Ollie Brown - Percussion
Charlie Watts - Drums
Bill Wyman - Bass
Keith Richards - Guitar/vocals
Mick Jagger - Vocals

Who is your favourite Stone?

Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Ronnie Wood
Charlie Watts