Rollingtimes - Between the Buttons

Between the Buttons

Between the Buttons (1967)

Album Info

Released: 20 January 1967 (UK), 11 February 1967 (US)
Recorded: 3-11 August, 8-26 November, and 13 December 1966
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Baroque Pop
Length: 38:51
Label: Decca, London
Producer: Andrew Loog Oldham
"Incredible fusion of blues and psychedelia."

History and recording

This album shows the Rolling Stones getting used to recording their own material, and branching out from their R&B roots. It was recorded in two different segments - one in August 1966 in Los Angeles and another in London in November of the same year.

Release and aftermath

The album was quite successful, spawning the single "Ruby Tuesday" which went to #3 in the UK and was a smash hit in the US. Nowadays the album is often overlooked amoung the Rolling Stones's back-catalogue, however it is ranked number 355 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Chart Performance

The album scored quite highly in the charts, reaching #3 in the UK album charts and #2 in the US Billboard Pop Albums chart.


The Rolling Stones
Mick Jagger - lead vocals, backing vocals, percussion,
Brian Jones - organ, vibraphone, accordion, harmonica, recorder, percussion, kazoo, saxophone, Vox Bijou, harpsichord, guitar , piano , trumpet, horn, trombone and backing vocals
Keith Richards - guitar, backing vocals, bass guitar, piano, organ, and double bass, co-lead vocals
Charlie Watts - drums, percussion
Bill Wyman - bass guitar, percussion, double bass and backing vocals
Additional musicians
Jack Nitzsche - piano, harpsichord, percussion, and horn arrangements
Ian Stewart - piano and organ

Who is your favourite Stone?

Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Ronnie Wood
Charlie Watts